Configure metrics monitoring

Configuring metrics monitoring requires enabling monitoring, specifying allowed IP addresses, and setting a metrics collection interval.

Before you begin

Verify that monitoring servers exist and are ready for use, which typically includes:

  • A metrics monitoring server such Prometheus is configured and ready to receive metrics telemetry.
  • A fully qualified domain.tld/port combination for the monitoring server exists and is reachable from Access Gateway.
  • The port for the monitoring server is open and not blocked by any firewall.
  • If TLS is required between Access Gateway and the monitoring server, the servers client certificate is available for upload during configuration.

Configure metrics monitoring

Configuring metrics monitoring involves these tasks:

Go to the monitoring open telemetry submenu:

  1. Connect to the admin instance Access Gateway Management console.

    ssh oag-mgmt@[admin.tld]

  2. Select 4 - Monitoring
  3. Select 6 - Configure Open Telemetry

This menu displays:

  • Status: Open Telemetry status (enabled/disabled).
  • Collection interval: The interval (in seconds) or how often to collect metrics from the instance.
  • Allowed IPs: Whether a set of allowed IP addresses is configured to interact with Open Telemetry.

Enter one of the sub functions to modify the current configuration. Enter x to exit the submenu.

Metrics monitoring configuration is instance-specific. Ensure that you configure monitoring for each instance in a multi-instance environment.

Enable monitoring

Open Telemetry monitoring is disabled by default.

To enable the Open Telemetry monitoring service:

  1. Enter 1 to change the status of the monitoring REST API. A confirmation message confirms the change.
  2. If no allowed IPs are configured, you're prompted to enter some. Enter a set of allowed IP addresses to enable OpenTelemetry monitoring.

Configure allowed IP addresses

Open Telemetry monitoring only allows client requests from known predefined IP addresses. You can add and remove addresses from the list of known addresses. Commit your changes for them to take effect.

To add an IP address:

  1. Enter a to add an address.
  2. Enter a fully qualified IPv4 address or CIDR address (for example,

To delete an IP address:

  1. Enter d to delete an entry.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select an entry to delete.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

To commit your IP address changes:

  1. Enter c to commit your changes, which include any pending additions or deletions.
  2. Enter x to return to the previous menu.

Specify metrics gathering interval

Open Telemetry monitoring queries the system for metrics based on a configurable interval. The default interval value is five seconds.

To change the interval value:

  1. Enter 2 to specify a new monitoring interval.
  2. Enter 1 to update the interval.
  3. Enter a value between 5 and 600 seconds, inclusive.
  4. Enter y to confirm the interval. This updates the interval value and displays it in the menu.