Access Gateway OS

Okta Access Gateway version 2020.09.2 and earlier versions are based on CentOS 7.

Access Gateway version 2020.10.5 through version 2021.8.0 are based on CentOS 8.

Both CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 are approaching End-of-Life. Okta will continue to support earlier versions of CentOS but may discontinue upgrades for these versions in the future.

Access Gateway supports appliances based on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 8.

To bring an entire cluster (running on unsupported Centos OS) up to the latest version of Access Gateway based on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL):

  1. Add a worker node based on OEL to the cluster.
  2. Follow these instructions to make the new worker node the admin node.
  3. When complete, decommission the previous admin node.
  4. Replace each worker node with new nodes based on the latest version of Access Gateway based on OEL.

To bring a single instance of Access Gateway up to the latest OEL-based OVAs, you must reinstall Access Gateway completely. Upgrading the operating system of Access Gateway in place isn't supported.

To upgrade an Access Gateway cluster to the latest version, see Admin renomination.

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