Selective upgrade

Selective upgrade, also referred to as upgrading to a specific version, is the process of taking an Access Gateway node and upgrading that node from its current version to any of the follow on versions up to, and including the most recently released version.

Selective upgrade supports the following scenarios:

  • Current version 2021.8.0 (assumed to be most recent) - Upgrade not possible, no newer versions exist.
  • Current version 2021.7.3 - Upgrade to version 2021.8.0 possible.
  • Current version 2021.6.2 - Upgrade to version 2021.8.0, or 2021.7.3 are possible.
  • Current version 2021.5.2 - Upgrade to version 2021.8.0, 2021.7.3, or 2021.6.2 are possible.
  • And so on.
Important Note

Selective upgrade is performed using the standard upgrade process and must be performed on each cluster node individually. Typically such updates are done using a rolling upgrade process where nodes are taken out of rotation, updated and returned back to the cluster.


Upgrade Access Gateway to a specific version

Admin renomination

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