Upload a disk image to Nutanix

During this task we will upload a disk image to Nutanix.

  1. Open a browser to and sign in to the Nutanix Prism Central console.
  2. In the main dashboard open the setting panel by clicking the Settings gear.
  3. In the General section, select Image Configuration.
    The Image Configuration pane will open.
  4. In the Image Configuration pane, click Upload Image.
    The Create Image pane will open.
  5. In the Create image pane enter:
    NameEnter a unique name for the image, for example OAG-20201.07
    Image TypeDisk
    Storage ContainerSelect a previously created storage container.
  6. Check Upload a file and click the choose file button.
  7. Navigate to the directory where the image was unpacked and select the VMDK file, then click Open.
  8. Click Save.

The disk image will then begin uploading. Use the progress indicator to track upload progress. When complete the new disk image will be shown in the list of disks in the Image Configuration pane as ACTIVE.

Important Note

After an initial disk import, the disk will display as INACTIVE while its being converted to the Nutanix native format. When complete the disk status will become ACTIVE and can then be used with VMs.

Next steps

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