Create a Nutanix VM

During this task we will create a new VM which will be associated with an previously uploaded disk image.

  1. Return to the Nutanix Prism Central console.
  2. In the main navigation menu select (Top menu)VM.
    The VM pane will display.
  3. If not already displayed, select the Table tab.
  4. Click Create VM .
    The Create VM dialog will open.
  5. In the Create VM pane enter:
    NameA unique name for the VM. For example OAG-VM-2021.07
  6. Scroll to the Disk section.
  7. Click the x next to the CD-ROM disk as its not required for Access Gateway.
  8. Click Add New Disk.
    1. Select type:DISK.
    2. Select Operation:Clone from image service.
    3. Image: Disk added in Upload a disk image to Nutanix.
    4. Click Add.
    5. Click Save.
  9. Scroll to the Network Adapters(NIC) section.
    1. Click Add New NIC.
    2. Leave all values unchanged.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Click Save.
  10. Click Save.

The new VM will then be created.

Next steps

Launch a Nutanix VM