Load balancing log events

Load balancing events found in the nginx error-default.log.

Back end protected resources available or not available

Events logged when a load balanced back end protected web resource became available or unavailable.

Back end protect web resource available

Description: A back-end service became available.


  • turns back to healthy, context: ngx.timer


  • 2022/01/27 14:55:13 [error] 22838#0: *74674 [lua] healthChecker.lua:48: turnHostHealthyStatus(): Backend server[host header value]:port for app 3e8cb966-a212-4f55-aa8b-0b8e3dfaa0c8 turns back to healthy, context: ngx.timer

    See Application-protected web resources for more information on host header values.

  • Corrective action:
    • None
  • Back end protect web resource not available

    Description: A back end service became unavailable.


    • err: timeout, context: ngx.timer


    • 2022/01/28 10:32:41 [error] 2872#0: *841 [lua] healthChecker.lua:233: Health check failed for app [94fad670-a115-41c6-99c2-366b6bd3239e] on backend host url [http://[fullyqualifiedname.tld:port], err: timeout, context: ngx.timer
  • Corrective action:
    • Determine why the resource is unavailable and correct the problem.