Identity Engine upgrade FAQ

What is Okta Identity Engine?

Okta Identity Engine is a new way to customize your Okta experience and implement flexible identity use cases. This means shifting from predefined behaviors to a platform that offers customizable building blocks for dynamic, app-based configurations.

Does Identity Engine come at an extra cost?

Identity Engine is a platform as a service and is available without an extra cost. Most existing features and functionality that you purchased initially are available after your upgrade.

Can I request an upgrade to Identity Engine?

Contact your Okta Customer Success representative or Okta account team about upgrade eligibility and to receive further instructions on how to upgrade.

What is the general Identity Engine upgrade experience?

Okta manages the upgrade to Identity Engine. If applicable, your preview environment is upgraded first to test new functionality. Some changes may need to be made to existing features. This involves disabling unsupported features from Classic Engine.

You'll receive instructions on how to test your org after the upgrade.

What support can I expect from Okta?

Work with your Okta representatives and refer to our product documentation to answer any questions you have about the upgrade process.

Does Identity Engine use any new APIs?

All legacy APIs continue to work on Classic Engine but there are two new API sets:

  • Policy APIs
  • Factor Profiles APIs

See Okta Developer documentation for more information about Identity Engine APIs.

Does Identity Engine support all features from Classic Engine?

Most Classic Engine features are supported in Identity Engine. This information is communicated to you in advance of an upgrade.

Is my Classic Engine org eligible for the upgrade?

Some orgs are not ready for an immediate upgrade. To find out if your org is eligible, check with your Okta representative.

Where can I learn more about Device Trust on Okta Classic Engine?

See Okta Device Trust solutions on a Classic Engine org.

Can I roll back to Classic Engine after upgrading to Identity Engine?

You may submit a request to your Okta account team if you need to revert to Classic Engine.

For more information, see Roll back to Classic Engine.

Does Identity Engine support app integrations for SAML 1.1 apps?

Yes, app integrations for both SAML 1.1 and 2.0 are supported.