Disable Okta FastPass

Disable Okta FastPass if you want to remove passwordless authentication from users.

  1. If you have an existing policy with the Okta FastPass feature, revise it:
    1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityAuthentication Policies.

    2. Select the policy you want to update.

    3. Click the Rules tab.

    4. For the appropriate policy rule, click the menu and select Edit.
    5. Set the AND Device state is condition to Any.
    6. If any device conditions exist for AND The following custom expression is true, delete them.

      The screenshot shows what any existing policies with the Okta FastPass feature should look like before disabling FastPass.

    7. Click Save.
  2. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityAuthenticators.
  3. For Okta Verify, click ActionsEdit.
  4. In Verification options, clear the Okta FastPass (all platforms) checkbox.
  5. If the following error appears, repeat step 1. The AND Device state is condition must be set to Any, and all AND The following custom expression is true device conditions must be deleted before you can disable Okta FastPass.

    The screenshot displays the error that appears when Okta FastPass cannot be disabled.

    When Okta FastPass is disabled, the Sign-In Widget displays like this for users:

    The screenshot displays what the Sign-In Widget looks like when Okta FastPass is not enabled.

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