Configure management attestation for mobile devices

Complete these tasks, in the presented sequence, to configure management attestation for mobile devices.



Learn about and configure tasks

  • Become familiar with Identity Engine concepts, terminology, limitations, and known issues.
  • Set up authenticators and MFA enrollment policies to provide secure user access to your org.
  • Ensure that a user's profile is complete before they can access an app and set up default app redirects.
  • Configure Global Session Policies to enforce assurance.

Configure Device Management for mobile devices

Through the Okta Admin Console, specify a mobile device platform and generate a secret key that you'll enter in your MDM software's managed app configuration. The key allows Okta to determine the management status of your targeted Android and iOS devices during app access.

Integrate Okta with your MDM software

Configure your MDM software to manage Okta Verify and to install it on end user devices.

Configure an SSO extension on iOS devices iOS-only. If setting up passwordless authentication for iOS users, configure Credential SSO extension to forward requests from a browser or app to Okta Verify so end users on managed iOS devices have a seamless, single sign-on experience.
Add an authentication policy rule for mobile

Create policies to manage access to apps based on criteria you specify in the policy rules.

You must enable Okta FastPassConfigure Okta FastPass Optionally, you can configure policies to remove password-based authentication.

See Configure Okta FastPass

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