Upgrade to Okta Identity Engine

Okta provides a self-service upgrade process that helps you easily schedule and manage your org's upgrade to Okta Identity Engine. You must be a super admin to view and manage this process.

When your org is eligible for a self-service upgrade, the Admin Dashboard displays a persistent notification to help you get started.

If you don't see these self-service upgrade options in your dashboard, there may be some tasks that you need to complete before your org is eligible to upgrade. See Eligibility tasks.

Before the upgrade

  • Review Feature changes to learn how Okta Classic Engine features change after the upgrade.

  • Review the Upgrade test plan to understand how the upgrade affects your org, so you can make adjustments before you go live.

  • Optional. Create an Identity Engine free trial org to compare the differences between the platforms.

Start the upgrade

When you're ready to upgrade, see Self-service upgrade process to get started.