Upgrade from Okta Classic Engine

Okta Identity Engine is gradually rolling out to customers. For upgrade eligibility, contact your account representative.

Okta Identity Engine is a platform service and isn't sold as a separate product or feature. It's currently available to select customers only. To find out if your org is eligible for an upgrade, check with your Okta representative. If you're eligible, they can arrange for Okta Support to upgrade your production org from Classic Engine to Identity Engine. Your org's existing features and products are carried over during the upgrade process.

What you can expect

The upgrade to Identity Engine consists of a few steps that Okta manages:

  • Okta provides product support documentation.
  • Usually, you can upgrade your org's preview environments first and test the changes with users.
  • You can make slight modifications to prepare your org for upgrade. This typically means turning off deprecated or unsupported features in Classic Engine.
  • After the upgrade, Okta provides a list of best practices on how to test your Identity Engine org.


Pre-upgrade tasks
Steps to take before the upgrade
Feature changes
Functionality changes for admins and users
Post-upgrade tasks
Steps to take after the upgrade
Developer Documentation
API docs, concepts, and guides for developers