Submit requests from the Access Requests web app

Users can submit requests from the Access Requests web app if you have one or more active Request Types.

By default, all users can view requests. You can mark a submitted request as private or you can update your team settings to mark all incoming requests for the team as private. See Create an Access Requests team for more information.

Users can follow these steps to submit requests:

  1. On the Okta End-User Dashboard, click Okta Access Requests.
  2. In the Access Requests web app, go to App Catalog.
  3. Identify a Request Type, and then click Request access.
  4. Complete the required fields.
  5. Optional. To submit a request for another user, the request creator selects the user who should get access to the resource from the Request for dropdown menu.
  6. Click Submit new request. Users can't modify answers to the questions after they submit the request.

Access Requests opens the details screen. Users can update their request, communicate with approvers, or track the request status.

If a user submitted a request for someone else, the request creator is listed in the Requested By field and the person for whom they requested the access for is displayed as Requester. After the request creator submits the request, they can’t make changes to the request because they aren’t the requestor. However, request creators are added as a follower for that request and can monitor it.

They can also cancel a submitted request if a team member or approver hasn't taken any action on it. They receive a notification about the cancellation based on the notification preferences that they’ve set up.

Access Requests also cancels a request if the requester's access to the Access Requests web app is revoked or their status in Okta changes to suspended or deactivated.

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