Getting started with Okta RADIUS Integrations

Okta provides the ability for organizations to manage the authorization of and access to on-premises applications and resources using the RADIUS protocol. Okta provides a RADIUS Server agent that organizations can deploy to delegate authentication to Okta. Admins can configure sign-on policies for RADIUS-protected applications the same as other applications in the Okta Integration Network (OIN). Okta provides guides and OIN apps for several commonly-used RADIUS integrations. The generic RADIUS Application app allows admins to integrate other RADIUS-enabled apps.

Okta can distinguish between different RADIUS-enabled apps and support them concurrently by setting up an Okta RADIUS app for each configuration. Additionally, the Okta RADIUS application supports policy creation and assignment of the application to groups.

RADIUS-enabled apps are easy to manage, as Admins can manage all of these apps and infrastructure configurations from the Okta Admin Console.

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