Open the Applications page

To open the Applications page where applications can be added, changed, or deleted:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

Using the action buttons on this page, you can:

  • Create App Integration: Create a brand new custom app integration using OIDC, SAML, or SWA. See Create custom app integrations.
  • Browse App Catalog: Search through the thousands of pre-built app integrations in the Okta Integration Network and add exactly what you need to your Okta org. See Add existing app integrations.
  • Assign Users to Apps: Assign app integrations to your users or groups. See Assign app integrations.
  • Refresh Application Data: Retrieves the latest roles, profiles, and groups data from the app integrations that have been configured with provisioning. Okta uses this information when creating new users in those app integrations.

Clicking the ACTIVE or INACTIVE tabs under the STATUS column filters your org's to show only the active and inactive app integrations, respectively.

For active app integrations, the action button drop-down menu allows you to easily Assign to Users, Assign to Groups, or Deactivate an active app integration.

For app integrations that have been marked as inactive, this drop-down menu allows you to Activate or Delete the app integration. See Remove app integrations.