Upgrade test plan

The test plan for upgrading to Identity Engine involves two distinct phases:

  • Before you upgrade, record your current experience in Classic Engine.

  • After you upgrade, verify that your experience in Identity Engine is the same.

For a comprehensive spreadsheet to track your results, see the Upgrade Test Matrix.

Before you begin

If you have a Preview environment, Okta recommends performing a full upgrade there first. That means completing both phases of the test plan, so you can see firsthand how the upgrade affects your customizations before you attempt it in a Production org.

For these tests to be successful, be sure that your Preview org has the same configuration as your Production org. If they don't match, adjust your configurations before you proceed. You can use bookmark apps instead of replicating your SAML apps in Preview.

If you don't have a Preview environment but want to review the user experience changes, you can purchase a Preview environment or create an Identity Engine free trial org.

Get started

Record your Classic Engine experience

Test the upgrade in Identity Engine

Validate your upgrade

Replace your custom app login URL

Replace Desktop Device Trust with Okta FastPass

Troubleshoot Device Trust after upgrade

Post-upgrade behavior

flows