Devices inventory

To view information about devices that are registered in your organization, go to DirectoryDevices in the Admin Console.

When users enroll in Okta Verify, their devices are registered in the Okta Universal Directory and listed in the inventory. The device details presented in the inventory are updated each time users authenticate successfully with Okta FastPass.

Device info

Click the device name to view details.

The email address of the user that is enrolled on the device. If several user profiles are associated with the device, you see the total number of profiles.

Platform This is the device operating system (OS) and the device identifier. For example, the device identifier for iOS or macOS is the Unique Device Identifier (UDID). For Windows, the device identifier is the Security identifier (SID) attribute.
Status Current status of the device: Active, Suspended, or Deactivated

Profile status: Managed or Not managed

A user can have multiple user profiles on a device. For example, a business profile could be used to access restricted company apps. A personal profile could be used to access personal files. If a mix of Managed and Not managed profiles are enrolled on a device, you see the total count per profile status.

Depending on the status of the device, you can activate, suspend, unsuspend, deactivate, or delete a device.

Search for a specific device

You can search devices by display name, serial number, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID), unique device ID (UDID), or security identifier (SID).

<UDID> is a predefined macro provided by the MDM provider. If this value can't be retrieved, Okta Verify reports empty values. See Okta Verify configurations for iOS devices.

Filter by device criteria

You can filter the list of devices displayed by the following criteria:

Platform View devices by OS. Options: Any OS, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows
Access status Options: Any, Created, Active, Suspended, Deactivated
Device management Options: Any, Managed, Not managed
  • If you select Managed, the results include:

    • Devices that have one or more user profiles that are managed by your device management solution.

    • Devices that are configured for device management in SecurityDevice Integrations.

  • If you select Not managed, the results include:

    • Devices with one or more user profiles that aren't managed by your device management solution.

    • Devices that aren't configured for device management in SecurityDevice Integrations.

Security signals Options: Any, Jailbroken or rooted, Disabled screen lock

Factory resets and duplicate device records

Okta Verify for iOS stores an Okta device ID in the local keychain. If a factory reset is done, the device is restored to its factory settings. All user's data is deleted from the device, including the Okta device ID from the local keychain. If a user re-enrolls in Okta Verify after a factory reset, a new Okta device ID is created. Okta Verify doesn't recover the original Okta device ID. In this case, the Devices page (DirectoryDevices) displays two device records for the same device. You can delete the duplicate device record.

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