Auto-launch Okta Verify on macOS devices

In Chrome, users can authenticate silently with Okta FastPass only if Okta Verify is running. Otherwise, users receive the Sign in with Okta FastPass prompt which launches Okta Verify. To simplify the user experience, you can set Okta Verify as a Login Item through the Apple MDM payload.

Add Okta Verify as a Login Item using Jamf Pro

  1. In Jamf Pro, go to ComputersConfiguration Profiles.
  2. Click + New.
  3. Click the Options tab.
  4. Click Login Items.
  5. Click Configure.
  6. Click + Add in the Items section.
  7. Enter the path for Okta Verify. For example, /Applications/Okta
  8. Click Save for the item added.
  9. Click Save to save the profile.
  10. If required, enter a Name for the Login Item. Configure the rest of the profile as needed.
  11. Click Save.

View Login Items

To check if Okta Verify automatically launches on a user's computer when they sign in, view their Login Items.

  1. On the end user's macOS device, click Apple menuSystem Preferences.
  2. Click Users & Groups.
  3. Select the user account.
  4. Click Login Items.

    If Okta Verify is in the list, it launches automatically when the end user signs in.

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