Assign the Okta Entitlement Management app

All new and existing super admins, app admins, and read-only admins are assigned to the Okta Entitlement Management app when you first set up Entitlement Management for your org.

If you add these new admins after Entitlement Management is enabled for your org, they're also assigned to the app:

  • Super admins

  • App admins

  • Read-only admins

  • Custom admins who have all these permissions:

    • Manage applications

    • Edit application's user assignments

    • Edit groups' application assignments or Edit users' application assignments

However, if a user is unable to see or access the Governance tab for an app, do the following steps:

  • Navigate to the General tab of the app's profile page and check that Governance Engine is enabled. See Enable Governance Engine.

  • If the user couldn't enable Governance Engine, then as a super admin, you can manually assign Okta Entitlement Management to the user:

    1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

    2. Click Okta Entitlement Management.
    3. Go to the Assignments tab, and then click Assign.

    4. From the assignment window, identify users or groups that you want to assign to the app.

    5. Click Assign, and then click Done.

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