Get started with Entitlement Management

Entitlement Management allows you to store your own application entitlements in Okta.

Follow this sequence of configuration tasks to start using Entitlement Management:



Considerations and limits

Consider the existing limitations before you configure and use Entitlement Management.

Enable Governance Engine

Enable Governance Engine to manage and govern app entitlements in Okta or allow users to request entitlement bundles using Access Requests.

Create entitlements

Create entitlements that your downstream apps can consume.

Create a bundle Group individual entitlements together as bundles.
Create an entitlement policy Create a policy to assign entitlements to users directly based on their Okta profile attributes and group memberships.

Configure a request type associated with bundles

Create Request Types that reference entitlement bundles so your users can request entitlement bundles.

You can’t assign entitlement bundles directly. Your users must request them using Access Requests.

Also, see Access Requests and Entitlement Management.

Get Reports

Assign entitlements to users Assign entitlements to users either individually or by using policies, or assign the app and entitlements to a user or group.

Manage entitlements or Manage bundles

Edit or delete entitlements and entitlement bundles as required.

Manage user entitlements

Manage or update how the entitlements are assigned to the user.

Provisioning-enabled apps

Use provisioning-enabled apps to discover and exchange entitlements between Okta and downstream apps.