Okta Personal for Workforce

Okta Personal for Workforce is a set of features that integrates Okta's consumer password manager, Okta Personal, with your Workforce org. You can provide it as a free personal password manager for your users as a perk, and separate their personal data from your enterprise apps. Users in your org can then switch between their Okta work and personal accounts in the same user interface, while keeping their accounts separate.


Work and personal apps are often intertwined, but you can avoid letting your users' personal security habits carry over to your organization's enterprise security standards. Decouple personal and work apps in work accounts so you can maintain security practices while allowing your users to still save their personal apps. Keeping these apps separate also decreases the volume of support tickets your help desk receives, because they don't have to triage personal app issues.

Okta Personal for Workforce lets your users maintain access to their saved apps even if they leave your org, because their personal apps are saved in the consumer password manager. By owning their personal account, users also ensure that orgs don't have visibility into their personal apps.

Configuration steps

  1. Configure interface updates

  2. Configure app migration to Okta Personal

  3. Okta Personal for Workforce user experience