User App Access report

Use this report to view who can access applications and how the access was granted. You can also monitor their resource usage to help meet your org's audit and compliance requirements.

Before you begin

Ensure that these conditions are in place:

  • You are signed in as a super admin, org admin, read-only admin, mobile admin, or reports admin.
  • You have applications assigned to users.
  • Your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.

Get report

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ReportsReports.
  2. In the Entitlements and Access section, click User app access.
  1. Click Edit Filters.
  1. Select one of the following fields, choose an operator, and then enter an appropriate value:


App assigned

Select a date if the operator is before or after.


Select one or more applications.

Application catalog name

Enter an application catalog name.

Application name

Enter an application name.

Application username

Enter application-specific username.


Select a group.

Group membership type

Select one or more types.

Group name

Enter a group's name.

Group source

Select a group's source.

Last access date

Select a date.

Okta username

Enter Okta-specific username. This is usually an email address.

Okta user status

Select one or more statuses.

Recently accessed

Select a date if the operator is before or after.


Select a user.

User fullname

Enter the full name of a user.

  1. Optional. Click Add Filter to add more filters, or click X to remove a filter.
  2. Click Apply to view the report.
To download the report, click CSV Export.

The source data for this report is refreshed periodically throughout the day. A change that has occurred since the last refresh may not be reflected yet.

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