Manage campaigns

Early Access release. See Enable self-service features.

As a super admin, here’s a list of tasks that you can do to manage a campaign:

Super admin task


View the progress of an active campaign Steps to monitor the progress of your active campaigns and pending review items.
Modify a scheduled campaign Steps to modify a campaign that hasn’t launched yet.
Modify campaign's end date Steps to end an active campaign in case you need to relaunch the campaign with a different configuration or skip the remaining review items. You may want to end an active campaign if there’s an error in the campaign configuration.

Reassign review items

Reassign the review items assigned to a reviewer.

Generate the Past Campaign Details and the Past Campaign Summary report Steps to generate reports.

The Past Campaign Details report provides in-depth information about all certification campaigns.

The Past Campaign Summary report provides high-level configurations and status of access certification campaigns.

These reports are available only if you're subscribed to Identity Governance.

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