View the Connections page

You can view and update connections for your flows on the Connections page.

The following information is listed for each connection to a cloud app that you've already set up:

  • Name of the application. For example, Slack Admin or Google Drive.
  • A nickname for the specific application. This is useful when you have multiple connections for a single app.
  • The user who added the connection.
  • The date on which the connection was created.

You can manage a connection with a handful of tools:

  • Rename Connection

  • Test Connection
  • Usage
  • Reauthorize
  • Delete

To perform any of these actions, click on its icon for the connection that you want to update.

To see which flows are using a particular connection, click the Usage icon.

If you updated the password, API key, or another setting for an application, then you will need to reauthorize your application. In such cases, click the Reauthorize icon and follow the steps to update your connection. Be sure to reauthorize each connection to the same application.

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