Add parameters for a connector's authentication

Authentication parameters are needed in an authentication object for a connector only if users will need to enter additional data when creating their connection. For example, users may need to specify an instance URL. Each parameter defined in this object contains the set of parameters that will appear in the authentication dialog for the connector.

To add an authentication parameter, provide values for Key, Type, and Label.

Field Definition Type

Text value in the key-value pairing that is used by the service. For example, api_key, application_key, or authentication.


Type of authentication parameter that will be displayed. Options are Text, Password, or Dropdown List.

For Password, the input will be hidden as the user types enters it in the authentication dialog.

For Dropdown List, the parameter is an array of choices that contains a list of strings. This type of parameter appears as a dropdown from which a user selects an option.

To create an authentication parameter as a dropdown list, populate as many Option and Value pairings as necessary, then indicate whether a specific value should appear by default.

Label Display name that will appear for the authentication parameter. String

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