Preview in Connector Builder

When adding configuration settings, options, input, or output fields for your connector in the Authentication dialog, the Preview window displays how the fields appear on your connection dialog or action card. This feature allows you to see the New Connection dialog or the action card for your connector before you deploy it.


For authentication, the Preview window displays the following fields by default:

Authentication Type Fields


  • Connection Nickname

  • Username

  • Password

OAuth with Authentication Code grant type

  • Connection Nickname

OAuth with Client Credentials grant type

  • Connection Nickname

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret


  • Connection Nickname

As you add fields in the Parameters or Config Values sections, the Preview window automatically displays the field labels and text boxes.

If you add dynamic values for authentication using Config Values or for input fields, then they aren't shown in the Preview window.

Notes for authentication

  • If you call a helper flow to generate fields in the Config Values section, only a static Dynamically generated label is shown. The fields themselves don't appear.

  • If the Visible toggle is turned off for a field in Config Values, that field isn't displayed.

  • Similarly, if fields are removed from the Parameters or Config Values sections, those fields are removed.

  • You can't edit any of the fields directly in the Preview window.

Options, input, and output fields

As you add fields in the Options, Inputs, or Outputs dialogs, the field labels and text boxes automatically update in the Preview window. The field is displayed with a blank label until you type in a string value.


  • If you change the type for a field to Dropdown, the Preview window shows the change and adds the default string Choose an option....

  • If the Required toggle is turned on for an option or input field, the field is shown with a red asterisk.

  • When you add dynamic inputs, a single text field is displayed under the group name Dynamic Fields.

  • If enough fields are added to the card to require a scroll bar, the scroll bar is shown.

  • Static and dynamic dropdown fields aren't shown in the Preview window.

  • If a field depends on another field, the Preview window shows it as disabled.

  • You can't edit any of the fields directly in the Preview window.

Validation of field names for preview

Validation rules are in place to prevent the use of prohibited characters in field names.

While the Preview window does update to show invalid values, you won't be able to save your configuration until you address the errors in the fields. For example, if you enter Domain$ in the Authentication dialog or Input*_$ as a label for an input field. See Deployment validation errors.

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