Add configuration values for your connector's authentication

Some applications require users to perform additional configuration to authenticate to a service. For example, the Workflows AWS S3 connector provides both an Account ID unique to Okta and an External ID unique to the connection that must be copied into the trust policy of the associated Identity and Access Management role. See Authorization for AWS S3.

You can create and present these IDs in the optional Config Values section of the Authentication page.

Field Definition Type
Label Display name for the configuration value that shows on the New Connection dialog during connector set-up. String

Indicate whether this field will be populated with a static value or a value from a helper flow. For static value, enter the value in the Value field. For value from a helper flow, select a flow from the Choose Flow dialog.

Helper flows can't use the connector’s authentication to make a request.


Two different field types are available. The end user can copy both for use in another application.

  • Text: A plain text field is presented to the user.
  • Password: A redacted text field. The user can't see what is entered into this field.
Visible Determine whether the configuration value will appear in the New Connection dialog for the connector. A hidden configuration value can be used in your flows for easy reference, without displaying it to end users. Boolean

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