Connector settings

The Settings page displays the basics of the branding for your connector.

Connector Name: This is the name of your service (for example, Salesforce, Slack, or ServiceNow). This will appear in the in-product Workflows catalog.

Key: A text string that will serve as an ID for your connector. The string value must remain unchanged, and it will be viewed by Workflows users.

Description: A description of the functionality that your connector offers. The description is included in the connectors catalog and is subject to in-product search indexing.

Icon: An icon image for your connector.

Card Header: A 3 or 6 character hexadecimal color representation for your connector. For example: #fc0 or #00297A, including the number sign.

User Documentation URL: A link to the documentation for your connector's APIs.

Support Email Address: An email address for additional support when using your connector.

Next steps


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Build authentication with OAuth 2.0

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