Read User

Read a user in Freshservice.


Field Definition Type Required
User ID Unique identifier of the user. Number TRUE


Field Definition Type
Active Indicates if the user is active. Boolean
Address User's address. String
Created At

Date and time when the object was created.

Date & Time
Deleted Indicates if the user is deleted. Boolean
Description Description of the user. String
Email User's email address. String
External ID

Unique external ID of the user.

Helpdesk Agent Indicates if the user is a helpdesk agent. Boolean
Job Title User's job title. String
Language User's language. String
Mobile User's mobile number. String
Name Name of the user. String
Phone User's phone number. String
Time Zone User's time zone. String
Time Format User's time format (12H or 24H). String
Updated At Date and time that the user was last updated. Date & Time
Department Names List of department names associated with the user. List of Text

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