List Calendars

List the user calendars from Office 365 Calendar.


Field Definition Type Required

Choose the calendar type:

My Calendars: calendars owned by a connected user.

User Calendars: user calendar shared or delegated with a connected user.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
User ID or Username Unique ID of the user or username.

Appears when User Calendars is selected from the Calendar option.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type
Calendar ID Unique idenitifier for the calendar. String
Name Name of the calendar. String
Color Specifies the color theme to distinguish the calendar from other calendars in a user interface. String
Hex Color Calendar color, expressed in a hex color code of three hexadecimal values, each ranging from 00 to FF and representing the red, green, or blue components of the color in the RGB color space. If the user has never explicitly set a color for the calendar, this property is empty. String
Is Default Calendar True if this is the default calendar where new events are created; otherwise False. Boolean
Can Share? True when the user has the permission to share the calendar; otherwise False. Only the user who created the calendar can share it. Boolean
Can View Private Items? True when the user can read calendar items that have been marked private; otherwise False. Boolean
Can Edit? True when the user can edit the calendar; otherwise False. Boolean
Allow Online Meeting Providers Represent the online meeting service providers that can be used to create online meetings in this calendar. String
Default Online Meeting Providers Default online meeting provider for meetings sent from this calendar. String
Is Tallying Responses? True when this user calendar supports tracking of meeting responses; otherwise False. Only meeting invites sent from a users' primary calendars support tracking of meeting responses. Boolean
Is Removable? True if the user calendar can be deleted from the user mailbox; otherwise False. Boolean
Name Name of the user who created or added the calendar. String
Address Email address of the user who created or added the calendar. String

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