Guidance for Office 365 Calendar connector

Read the following information for guidance and best practices when using the Office 365 Calendar connector connector in your flows.


Create a connection using an admin or user Office 365 Calendar account. See Authorization.

Before using another calendar you need to manage mailbox delegation.

Re-authorize a connection

If you've used your account to create a connection successfully, you can create as many connections as you want and re-authorize the old connections as long as the configuration is not changed by the admin.

Types of accounts

  • Office 365 admin account
  • Office 365 admin credentials

Supported scopes

The following OAuth scopes must be enabled in your Office 365 Calendar connector environment:

  • Calendars.ReadWrite
  • User.ReadWrite
  • Directory.ReadWrite.All
  • Place.Read.All
  • offline_access

Action card or event card-specific limitations

Delete Event

Delete Event removes recurring events assigned to a provided Event ID.

Read Event

  • You can specify the time zone for each of the start and end times of the event.
  • An Exchange administrator can set up a mailbox and an email address for a resource such as a meeting room, or equipment like a projector. Users can then invite the resource as an attendee to a meeting.
  • Location output fields are dependent upon the number of locations.
  • When organizing an event that involves a meeting location:
    • Set the location property of the event accordingly.
    • Set the optional location Email Address property if the meeting location has an email address.

Update Event

A 200 Updated status code indicates that the event was updated successfully.

To clear the following data, choose Yes from Update empty fields? option:

  • Subject: to clear Subject
  • Body: to clear body
  • Required and Optional Attendees: to remove all attendees
  • Reminder Minutes Before Start: to remove reminder
  • Locations list: to remove all locations
  • Pattern Type:
    • to remove recurring events for current parent event to remove recurring events for current parent event
    • when events are removed from recurring events, the Recurrence Range Start Date is still available

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