Get Message

Get information about an email that you received in an Office 365 Mail account.


Field Definition Type Required
Mail Determines the type of mail:
  • My Mail: owned by the connected user.

  • User Mail: use shared or delegated with the connected user.

Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Message ID Unique identifier of the email. This field can be dragged from the New Mail event card or Send Email action card. String TRUE
User ID or Username Unique ID of the user or username.

For example, This could be the user's email address, but this is not true in all cases.

Appears when User Mail is selected from the Mail option.

String TRUE


Field Definition Type
Subject Subject of the email String
HTML HTML body of the email String
From Email address of the sender of the email String
Importance Indicates the importance of the email. Options are Low, Normal, or High. String
Message ID Unique identifier of the email about which to get information. String
Received Date Time Date and time when the email was received String
Attachments Content of loaded attachment List of Object
ID Unique ID of the attachment. String
Last Modified Date Time Date and time when the attachment was last modified. Date and Time
Name Name representing the text that is displayed below the icon representing the embedded attachment. This does not need to be the actual file name. String
Content Type Content type of the attachment. String
Size Size in bytes of the attachment. Number
Is Inline? True if the attachment is inline; otherwise, False. Boolean

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