Create Group

Create a new Okta group in Okta.

To use the Create Group action card, make sure to enable the Group Profiles for Universal Directory feature for your Okta org. Otherwise, the card will return a Failed to load error and no input or output fields will be added.


Field Definition Type Required
Name Name of the Okta group.

Minimum length of one character and maximum length of 255 characters.

String TRUE
Description Description of the group.

Minimum length of 0 characters and a maximum length of 1024 characters.

String FALSE
Custom Properties Dynamically generated fields. Object TRUE


Field Definition Type
ID Unique ID for the group. String

Date and time when the object was created.

Date & Time
Last Updated Timestamp of the last group update. Date & Time
Last Membership Updated Timestamp when groups memberships were last updated. Date & Time
Object Class Profile of the group. List of Text
Type Indicate how a group's profile and membership are text. String

Name of the group.

Description Description of the group. String
Links Discoverable resources related to the group. Object
Custom Properties Dynamically generated fields. Object

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