Guidance for ServiceNow connector

Read the following information for guidance and best practices when using the ServiceNow connector in your flows.


The service account that you choose for a connection with Okta Workflows must have the following:

  • Permissions to view the sys_db_object table.

  • A ServiceNowdelegated developer role assigned.

Required roles

The following roles are required to run flows that include ServiceNow connector action cards:

  • Admin role: This role has special access to all system features, functions, and data.

  • Delegated developer role: This role is required for action cards that update ServiceNow incidents such as the Create Incident, Delete Incident, or Search Incidents cards. Add the personalize dictionary and incident manager roles to the same ServiceNow account to which the delegated developer role is also assigned.

For more information about admin roles, see Base system roles.

Action card or event card-specific limitations

Search Requests

When table schema changes are made in ServiceNow, either of these actions present the table schema changes that were made to the card inputs or outputs.

  • Click the card settings icon and select fields.

  • Replace the card with a new card.

Upload Attachment, Download Attachment, Read Group, Create Request, Update Request

In ServiceNow, if you receive a REST Attachment API request timeout error:

  • Search for transaction quota to find this setting.

  • If the timeout is set too low, then the API returns a timeout error.

Maximum file attachment size in megabytes.

  • Search for attachment limits.

  • The default limit is 1024MB.

  • Configure the ServiceNow limit, but remember that there are also Workflows platform limits.

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