ServiceNow connector

ServiceNow is a platform for creating digital workflows for employees and customers. You can create, read, update, delete, and search users and incidents, manage group memberships, and make custom API calls to the ServiceNow API.

Authorize your ServiceNow account

When you add a ServiceNow action card to a flow for the first time, you'll choose which instance to connect. This authorization will be saved and can be reused in other cards. See Authorization.

Guidance for ServiceNow connector

This information for guidance and best practices when using the ServiceNow connector in your flows. See Guidance for ServiceNow connector

ServiceNow connector event cards



New Incident Start a flow when a new incident is created in ServiceNow.
Updated Incident Start a flow when an incident is updated in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow connector action cards



Add User to Group Add a user to a group in ServiceNow.
Create Incident Create a new incident in ServiceNow.
Create User Create a new user in ServiceNow.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to theServiceNow REST API.
Deactivate User Deactivate a user in Service Now.
Delete Incident Delete an incident in ServiceNow using the System ID.
Delete User Delete a user in ServiceNow.
Download Attachment Download an attachment in ServiceNow.
Read Incident Read an incident in ServiceNow.
Read User Read information from a user account in ServiceNow.
Read Users in Group Read the users in a group in ServiceNow.
Remove User from Group Remove a user from a group in ServiceNow.
Search Incidents Search for one or all matching incidents in ServiceNow.
Search Users Search for a user in ServiceNow.
Update Incident Update an incident in ServiceNow using the system ID.
Update User Update a user profile in ServiceNow.
Upload Attachment Upload an attachment in ServiceNow.