Download Attachment

Download the contents of a file from ServiceNow using a system ID.


Field Definition Type Required
System ID Sys_id value of the attachment. The URL of the incident will usually contain this value. For example, for the URL, the sys_id value is 615ea769c0a80166001cf5f2367302f5. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
File Content Contents of the attached file. File
Size Size of the attachment in bytes. Number
Name File name of the attachment. String
Type Type of object that was downloaded. For example, file. String
Content Type Content type of the file, included in the message body for multipart uploads. String
Table Name Name of the table from which you want to download a file. String
Table System ID Sys_id value of the record on the specified table from which you want to download a file. String
State State of the incident from which an attachment is downloaded. String
Hash 128-bit (16-byte) hash value, in the form of a 32-digit hexadecimal number, for the attachment. String
Created Date Time Date and time when the attachment was created. For example, 2019-05-21 04:12:21. Date & Time
Updated Date Time Date and time when the attachment was last updated. For example, 2019-06-15 09:05:43. Date & Time

Typical use case for the Download Attachment card

To use the Download Attachment card successfully in a flow, in the System ID input field, enter a system ID value. When a flow runs that includes this card, the specified file will be downloaded to the Workflows file system. Use the Content Type output field to access the file at a later time.

ServiceNow settings

In your ServiceNow instance, the following settings may limit the performance of the Download Attachment card:

  • REST Attachment API request timeout: Search for transaction quota to find this setting. If the timeout value is set too low, then the API returns a timeout error.

  • Maximum file attachment size in megabytes: Search for attachment limits. The default limit is usually 1024 MB. While you can change this setting, the file size cannot be larger than 2 GB. See Workflows system limits.

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