Search Groups

Search for one or all matching groups in ServiceNow.


The input fields on this card are dynamically generated based on your ServiceNow instance. The input fields will include these default fields provided by ServiceNow (Cost Center, Description, and so forth) as well as any custom fields you've added to your user table.


Each search field is considered cumulative, meaning that if you enter two criteria, the result will be the group that matches both criteria.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Filter search results by First matching group or All matching groups. Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Active Status of the group. Boolean FALSE
Cost center Assigned cost center of the group. String FALSE

Date and time when the object was created.

String FALSE
Created by Name of the admin who created the group. String FALSE
Default assignee List of users that are assigned to the group by default. String FALSE
Description Helpful information about the group. String FALSE
Exclude manager Indicates whether the group manager receives email notifications. String FALSE
Group Email Group email distribution list or the email address of the point of contact, such as the group manager. String FALSE
Include members Indicates whether the group members receive individual emails when someone sends an email to the Group Email address. String FALSE
Manager Group manager or lead. String FALSE

Name of the group.

String FALSE
Parent Other group of which this group is a member. If a group has a parent, the child group inherits the roles of the parent group. The members of the child group are not members of the parent group. String FALSE
Roles Roles assigned to the group. String FALSE
Source LDAP source for the group's information. String FALSE
Type Category for this group. For example, a group designated as type catalog is a service catalog group and can also be accessed under the Service Catalog > Catalog Policy > Fulfillment Groups module. String FALSE
Updated Date of update to group's information. String FALSE
Updated by Person who performed the group update. String FALSE
Updates Summary of the group update. String FALSE


Select output fields to display. The list of available input and output fields are identical.

You do not have to display an output field for a corresponding input field that you've updated.

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