When you add a ServiceNow action card to a flow for the first time, you choose which instance to connect. This authorization is saved and can be reused in other cards.

You can create multiple connections and manage them from your Connections page.

To create a connection from an action card:

  1. Click New Connection.

  2. In the Connection Nickname field, type your preferred authorization name.

  3. In the Username and Password fields, type your ServiceNow login credentials.

  4. In the Instance field, enter your ServiceNow subdomain value.

You can find the ServiceNow subdomain value in the Manage Instance menu in the developer portal or in the instance's URL. For example in the instance name is dev57240.

The service account that you choose for a connection with Okta Workflows must have the following:

  • Permissions to view the sys_db_object table

  • A ServiceNowdelegated_developer role assigned

Some action cards update ServiceNow incidents, such as the Create Incident, Delete Incident, or Search Incidents cards. To ensure that these cards work properly, you need to add the personalize_dictionary and incident_manager roles to the same ServiceNow account that has the delegated_developer role assignment.

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