Guidance for SFTP connector

Review the following information for guidance and best practices when using the SFTP connector in your flows.

Authorization requirements

Your SFTP server must meet the following requirements:

  • Local or cloud-based SFTP server, accessible over HTTPS. The server must be reachable by Okta Workflows.

  • Administrative credentials to create users on the SFTP server

  • Provisioned user with appropriate read and write permissions

Your SFTP server credentials must include the following elements:

  • IP address or fully qualified domain name

  • Username

  • A password or a private Secure Shell (SSH) key

See SFTP protocols, clients, and servers and Configuring and managing users.

Types of accounts


The SFTP protocol is implemented on top of the SSH protocol and uses the SSH permission model. This means it's configured on a server or user basis, and managed by the owner of the file system.

The required file permissions are:

  • Read (r)

  • Write (w)

Card-specific limitations

File path

The File path input field defines the folder and file name inside the SFTP directory structure. These are separated by a forward slash character /. You don't need to start the provided path with a leading forward slash character. The path reflects the structure in the user's home directory.

Path examples

  • meeting_notes.txt: The meeting_notes.txt file in the user's home directory.

  • my_dog.jpg: The file my_dog.jpg in the user's home directory.

  • images/my_dog.jpg: A different file named my_dog.jpg located inside the images folder in the user's home directory.

  • documents/photography/images/my_dog.jpg: Another separate file inside a nested subfolder.

File extensions

When uploading and downloading files, use file extensions on the file name provided.

For example, an image may have an extension such as .jpg, .png, or .svg, while a text file may have .txt, .docx.

Other limitations

The maximum size for a transferable file is 25 MB.

If the SFTP server can't run a supported FTP command, the card returns an error message indicating that the attempted operation is unavailable.

Depending on your configuration, your SFTP server may have other rate limits or file size limitations.

There's no virus scanning performed on any files that you pass through the SFTP cards.

Okta stores files on the Okta Workflows file system for 30 days, in alignment with the Workflows system limits.

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