Search Users

Search for users in SmartRecruiters.


Field Definition Type Required
Result Set Choose one of the following options to display your search results:
  • First Matching Record: returns the first userthat matches
  • All Matching Records: returns all matching users as a list
Dropdown TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Keyword First name, last name, or email of the user. String FALSE


Field Definition Type
User ID

Unique identifier of the user.

Email Email address of the user. String
First Name First name of the user. String
Last Name Last name of the user. String
System Role ID Assigned user role; options are EMPLOYEE, RESTRICTED, STANDARD, EXTENDED, or ADMINISTRATOR. String
External Data Third-party data that can be synced with your SmartRecruiters instance; for example, employee ID numbers. String
SSO Identifier Unique identifier for an SSO-enabled user; can be email address. String
Language Preferred language of the user. For example, de for German. String
Active Indicates whether the user is active. String
Updated On Date and time when user's profile was last updated in ISO 8601. String

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