SmartRecruiters connector

Use the SmartRecruiters connector to manage users and groups with the SmartRecruiters Marketplace API.

Authorize your SmartRecruiters account

When you add a SmartRecruiters Action card to a flow for the first time, you'll choose which instance to connect. This authorization will be saved and can be reused in other cards. See Authorization.

SmartRecruiters connector action cards



Add User to Group Add a user to a group in SmartRecruiters.
Create User Create a new user in SmartRecruiters.
Custom API Action Make a custom, authenticated HTTP call to the SmartRecruiters API.
Deactivate User Deactivate a user in SmartRecruiters.
Read User Retrieve a SmartRecruiters user profile by user ID.
Remove User from Group Remove a user from a group in SmartRecruiters.
Search Groups Search for groups in SmartRecruiters.
Search Users Search for users in SmartRecruiters.
Update User Update a user in SmartRecruiters