Convert one value to another using a lookup table. For example, convert one web service code to another web service code or a department name to a contact email.


Field Definition Type Required
Value Value you want to look up. String TRUE
Lookup Table Click the bottom row to add new rows. Click the x at the left of a row to delete a row.

When Value Is: Possible input values.

Then Result Is: Corresponding results for each value. Same type as Result output.

Various FALSE
Otherwise Result Is The result to use if there are no matches in the lookup table. Same type as Result output. Various FALSE


Result: The result of the lookup. If an exact match is found for Value in the When Value Is column, then Result is set to the corresponding value in the Then Result Is column; otherwise, Result is set to the Other Result Is value. Defaults to type text. If you change the type, then it also automatically changes the type for the Then Result Is column and the Otherwise Result Is input.

Related topics

Construct and Get for lookup tables where the potential values for the result are not known in advance (that is, are set by outputs when the flow runs). Build the object at runtime using Construct and then use Get to do the lookup. Alternatively, you can also do this using nested If/Else or successively linked Assign If functions.

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