The Hash function card hashes input text using a cryptographic hash algorithm.

The format of the resulting hash can be Base64, hex, or binary, depending on the specified output parameter.


Field Definition Type Required
algorithm Select the cryptographic hash algorithm to use:
  • md5

  • sha1

  • sha256

  • sha384

  • sha512

Dropdown FALSE
data Text string to be hashed. String TRUE
digest Select the output formatting for the resulting hash:
  • base64

  • hex

  • binary

Dropdown FALSE


Field Definition Type
output Encoded string of your input data. String

You can use the result of the output field wherever text can be sent.

To validate the hash, you need to know the algorithm used for the hash.



  • algorithm: sha256

  • data: My secret message!

  • digest: base64


  • KhyfFBt0DKFo4WcWbzrP+3FOAKe9Kp+c0BWZ3akwlE8=

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