Upload a file from the Workflows file system to a web service, using HTTP or HTTPS.

To use this function card, see Use the Upload function card in a flow.

File functions don't support shareable links such as those from Box, OneDrive, or Google Drive.


Field Definition Type Required
File Content ID of the file contents. File TRUE
URL URL of the request, including the protocol http:// or https://. String FALSE
Method HTTP method to use (PUT or POST). Dropdown FALSE
Input User-created fields that define headers to use in the file request. String FALSE


Field Definition Type
Body Parsed response body for JSON properties or values. String
Raw Body
body Raw response body passed at runtime. String


Here's an example of accessing the Algorithmia file system. Algorithmia requires that you specify the full file path and file name of the destination file in the URL field. It also requires an authentication token and a specific input in the Content-Type field.

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