Combine All

Combine the contents of two or more lists. The output is a List of every element in the preceding Lists, including potential duplicates.


To combine two or more lists into a list that contains unique elements, see Union (Combine Unique).


Field Definition Type Required
List 1 The first list of values that will be concatenated.

Click on an empty cell in each list to add a list item. A cell can contain only one list item.

List of Text FALSE
List 2 The second list of values that will be concatenated.

Click the empty input field under List 2 to create a third or subsequent list of values to concatenate with the rest of the input fields. Additional lists are labeled as List 3, List 4, and so forth.

List of Text FALSE


Field Definition Type
List Combined All Resulting concatenated list items. List of Text


If the cells in List 1 contain the items {Alan}, {Bob}, and {Charles}, and the cells in List 2 contain the items {Alicia}, {Brittany}, and {Catherine}, then the resulting concatenated list in the List Combined All output field will read:


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