This function takes a list of objects, and produces a sub-list. It does that by plucking the key specified by key from each object in the input list, and putting those values into an output list. The list input must be a list of objects. The key input defines the key to pluck from each item; it can be a key name in the root of each item, or it can be a dot-delimited path that lets you specify keys in sub-objects. You must set the type of the values output list to be the type of the values at that key path; if you don't set the type correctly, you will very likely encounter type mismatch errors when you execute your flow.

Input Fields

  • list(list of objects): The list to operate on. Must be a list of objects.

  • key(text):  The key to pluck from each input item. Can be a dot-delimited path.

Output Fields

  • values:  The output list. You must set the type of items in the list to match the type of the values at the key that path defines.


If list is [{"name":"Bob","gender":"male"}, {"name":"Sarah","gender":"female"}]

and key is name

Then values (which should be set to list of text) is: ["Bob","Sarah"]

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