Read statistics for a list of numbers.

Input Fields

  • List (list of objects): list of numbers

Click on an empty cell in each list to add a list item. A cell can contain only one list item. Statistics will only be computed for list items that are numbers.

Output Fields

  • Sum: Sum of all the numbers in the list
  • Average: Average of all the numbers in the list
  • Median: Median value for the numbers in the list, the value for which half the numbers are higher or lower
  • Mode: Number which appears most often in the list
  • Variance: Degree of spread in the list of numbers; variance is calculated by taking the average of squared deviations from the mean.
  • Standard Deviation: Standard deviation for the list; standard deviation tells you how far each value lies from the mean; it's the square root of variance.
  • Minimum: Minimum; the lowest number in the list.
  • Maximum: Maximum; the highest number in the list.
  • Count: Number of values in the list


For the eight values in this list:


The resulting statistics are:

  • Sum: 65
  • Average: 8.12
  • Median: 3
  • Mode: 1
  • Variance: 119.84
  • Standard Deviation: 10.947113122384627
  • Min: 1
  • Max: 32
  • Count: 8

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