Export to CSV

Export a table to a CSV file, including all rows or a filtered subset of rows. The CSV file will be created within the file system.


Field Definition Type Required
Table Table that will be exported as a CSV file.

To select a table and the specific columns for export:

  1. Click Choose Table, select a table in the dialog box, or click New Table to create a new table, then click Choose.

  2. Click Save on the card.

  3. Click the check boxes next to the available listed input fields.

  4. Click Save.

If this card will be included in flows that will operate on different tables, choose the provide table at runtime option. See Provide a table ID at runtime.

Dialog box TRUE


Field Definition Type Required
Filename Assign a name for the CSV output file. To allow a third-party CSV file editing tool to recognize the file type, make sure .csv is added to the file name as an extension. String TRUE
Where Expression To export a subset of rows, click Filter to build your criteria. To export all rows in the table, ignore this input. Dialog FALSE
Delimiter A custom delimiter for the CSV file. For example, if you want to create a pipe delimited CSV, then enter | as your delimiter. Defaults to ,. String FALSE
Limit Maximum number of rows exported to your CSV file. For example, a value of 100 will return a CSV file with a maximum of 100 rows. Number FALSE
Offset Create a CSV starting at a specific row number in the table. For example, if you only wanted to export a CSV with all but the first 10 rows, then enter 10 as the offset value. Number FALSE
Columns A list of column names that will be exported into the CSV file. This allows specific columns from the table to be exported to the CSV. Use this field if you only want a specific subset of columns exported to the CSV. String FALSE
Table ID (if the provide table at runtime option was selected) ID for table which will be exported to as a CSV file. To obtain the table ID, see Provide a table ID at runtime. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
File Content File ID of the CSV output file. File

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