Build a True or False expression by combining operators and values that you type with fields that you drag and drop in. Place fields anywhere in the expression where there can be a value. At runtime, the expression is evaluated using the values of the fields to generate a single output of true or false. (When using non-True/False inputs, number fields evaluate to false when 0; otherwise true. Text fields evaluate to false when null or "false"; otherwise true. Date fields convert to a timestamp that will work in comparisons.)

Text comparisons are currently not supported inside a True/False Expression. We are working on fixing this, but for now use Compare to do text comparisons.

Logical operators you can use are:

and - true only if all conditions are true

or - true if any condition is true

not - true if false; false if true

xor - true if only one condition is true

Use parentheses to group operations so they calculate together first

Comparison operators you can use include: == (equal), != (not equal), > (greater than), >= (greater than or equal), < (less than), <= (less than or equal)

# allows you to add a comment to your expression (anything you type after the # is ignored when the expression is evaluated)

You can also use math operators as part of your expressions. See Formula for details on the math operators and functions.

You can combine multiple operations, such as: true and (true or false) and (4>pi)

Fields from earlier in your flow can be used in place of any of the values in the expression.

Input Fields

The function has one large input area that accepts a combination of values and operators that you type with number fields that you drag/drop in.

Output Fields

output - the true or false result from evaluating the expression using the values of the fields at runtime.

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