Parse a URL string into its components with proper encoding.


Field Definition Type Required
url Formatted URL value to be parsed. String TRUE


Field Definition Type
protocol URL protocol returned in lower case. For example, http or https. String
host URL host property returned in lower case. For example, String
port Port specified in the URL, returned as a number. If no port is specified, a null value is returned. Typically 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. Number
path The entire string following the host value (including the port) and before the query portion of the URL. String
query Entire query string portion of the URL. String


For the input URL url?value=example&value2=URL, this function card returns the following values:

  • protocol: http:

  • host:

  • port: 8080

  • path: /test url

  • query: value=example&value2=URL

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