Export Folder

Export a folder containing one or more flows as a JSON file.

Your Workflows subscription plan determines the maximum number of flows that you can export. Your organization’s available export capacity is reset every 15 minutes. The number of exported flows can't exceed the assigned limit. Otherwise, the export fails, and no flows are exported.


Field Definition Type Required

Click Choose Folder. In the Select folder dialog, go to the folder that contains your flows, select the folder, and click Choose. The selected folder is exported as a JSON file.

This card also exports any subfolders within the selected folder.

Dialog TRUE
JSON Pretty Print? Indicates whether the JSON output for the flows in the selected folder should be structured or unstructured.
  • If True, the JSON output is structured with new lines and indents.

  • If False, the JSON file appears as an unformatted string.

True/False FALSE
Number of Indented Spaces For structured JSON output, the value specifies the number of spaces for each indent. Range is from 1 to 8. A value of 2 is recommended for easy viewing. Number FALSE


Field Definition Type
File Content JSON file that contains all the elements of all the flows in the selected folder. File
Filename Name of the exported folder. Text
Size The size in bytes of the exported folder. Number

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