Search Rows

Find rows in a table that match a set of conditions.


Field Definition Type Required
Table ID (if the provide table at runtime option was selected) ID for table. To obtain the table ID, see Provide a table ID at runtime.

To select a table:

  1. Click Choose Table, select a table in the dialog box, or click New Table to create a table, then click Choose.

  2. Click Save on the card.

String TRUE
Result Set Filter the results of your search:
  • First matching row: Returns the first row that matches your search criteria. Use this option when searching for a specific row.

  • All matching rows: Returns all matching rows as a list. Use this option when searching for the maximum amount of data that matches your search criteria.

A result set is based on a match of a full or partial string. For example, if you use joe as a search value, the search results include all rows that include a value of joe in one of the columns.

Dropdown TRUE
Various To select the fields (column names) returned in the search results:
  1. Click the checkboxes next to the available listed input fields.

  2. Click Save.


Field Definition Type Required
Where Expression

Click Filter to build search conditions.

In the dialog box, select which table column to search. Optionally, drag and drop outputs from previous steps into the Value input if you want to search using a value from earlier in your flow.

Click + Add condition to search based on more than one test, such as Customer Type = Trial and Date > 1/1/18.

The search expression is case sensitive.

Dialog Box TRUE
Column Specific column used to sort results. Dropdown FALSE

Direction of the search.

Select Ascending (A to Z, 0-9) or Descending (Z to A, 9-0).

Dropdown FALSE

Maximum number of records to return.

Regardless of the limit selected, the function card returns a maximum of 3,500 rows from the selected table.

Number FALSE
Offset An offset value to specify at what record number the search should start. 0 is the first record. Number FALSE
Table ID (if provide table at runtime option is selected) Select a table from which a row is read. String TRUE


If you're returning a single result, the following outputs are returned:

Field Definition Type
Created Date and time when the row was created. Date & Time
Updated Date and time when the row was last updated. Date & Time
The chosen fields (column names) from the table you selected. If the table is provided at runtime, you can manually add the field names and types.

If you're returning multiple results, a list of rows is returned, where each row includes all of the above. If no results were found, the card returns an empty list.

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